Welcome to Resource Forks!

Do you remember ResEdit? Poking around at Resource Forks and changing icons on your System, extracting pictures from your favorite games and messing up your computer?

ResourceForks.com is a way to relive that experience. We extract resources from Macintosh software between System 6 through 9 and display it here for you to easily consume and poke through.

If you want to poke around at extracting icons on your own HDD image check out Raiders of the Lost Icon

We have a full copy of the Macintosh Garden's site and will be (hopefully) adding every file we can to this site.

Special thanks to:

Want to continue the nostalgia? Head on over to TinkerDifferent and join in the fun! Grab an old Mac and throw a BlueSCSI in it and actually use some of these files!




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